An Open Letter to Our Public Officials:

 'ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION';  As part of ICEA's 25th Anniversary,   the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) would like to expand this original Ohio's Coastweeks 1994 celebration concept from the ARK in Berea into a National Educational program for children in  all 50 States focusing on the natural beauty, iceality, history and development for future uses of America's coastlines.

Specifically, ICEA is seeking to petition the Federal Government to administer and help fund the building of the COASTWEEKS Program. This program would be very similar to the Great Depression Era New Deal Works Progress Administration (WPA) Program called the Federal Art Project (FAP). Almost every community in the United States has riverfront parks or green shoreline spaces which would benefit from this program,
especially rural and inter-city areas that would provide positive local community guidance
for the youth and jobs for the unemployed who are able to work....
....We Can Do This!


Ambassador Renate


Ohio COASTWEEKS  2019 Childrens Art and Essay Contest

As part of Ohio's Coastweeks 2019 celebration, the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) will hold the
Official 23th Annual Coastweeks 2019 Art and Essay contest for Children.

The contest portrays important issues about Lake Erie through Art focusing on the natural beauty, history and future uses. David comments on why he organized this area's only comprehensive art/environment program for young children at ICEA……"to plan strategies of sustainable development for a Great Lake like ours that is endowed with renewable and non-renewable resources requires a scientific and empiric deep knowledge supported by a lingering bioregional educational action that needs to begin with our young children." These combined elements will eventually increase the public's awareness through ICEAlity and enable the protection of Lake Erie's valuable and delicate systems.
The theme, 'I Can Help Lake Erie', encourages young Ohioans to be part of the solution, not the pollution that finds it way into the lake."
The posters and essays are exhibited at the
Great Lakes Historical Society's Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermilion, Ohio and the
ARK in Berea in the Cleveland Area.

For over 25 years ICEA has inspired generations of citizens, teachers and children to take an active role in their environment through ICEAlity. As an example of these endeavors, in 2007 the new Coe Lake Nature Trail and Riparian Restoration Project was built to foster an appreciation for Berea's natural environment and history.

International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
Box 81496
Cleveland, Ohio 441181 USA
Tel/Fax: 440-891-8376


The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is a force for socially responsible activity. ICEA's mission is ICEAlity that is to "Assist in understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through the Arts". ICEA was founded by David and Renate Jakupca in 1987 to meet the compelling needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues. Over the years, ICEA has gained a reputation for excellence based upon a unique library of specialized, current information on global importance and a wide range of imaginative programming and collaborations with other organizations to meet the needs of a broad constituency. With affiliates across the globe, ICEA supports research, information sharing and effective action promoting a sustainable Culture of  Peace.

The historic ARK in Berea,  is the first structure in Cuyahoga County to incorporate sustainable building concepts from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, it  inaugurated the green building trend that is now sweeping America. The Ark in Berea is the home and studio of American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca and is also a museum, community center, and art gallery. The ARK in Berea is the home of the Environmental Art Movement.

ICEA is a place where people are encouraged to develop their own unique individual skills and talents for themselves, their community, nation and the world.  The center provides a healthy holistic environment to aid people in their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual as well as artistic growth.  Sustainable business leadership training programs are available to corporate and community organizations.  Consultants and Speakers are available for all topics relating to the Humanities, Arts, and the Environment.

Annual Ongoing Projects are:
Ohio COASTWEEKS Children's Arts and Essay Contest.
World Childrens Peace Movement

Great American Peace Trail

Volunteers are welcome for specific projects and committees. Training is provided.

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Ohio Lake Erie Commission   One Maritme Plaza, Toledo, Ohio 43604

Ohio Department of Natural Resources  1930 Belcher Dr.  Columbus, Ohio  43224

Ambassador Renate
Box 81496 Cleveland, Ohio 44181 Tel/Fax 440-891-8376

Carla LaVigne
Great Lakes Historical Society
Box 435 Vermilion, Oh 44089 Tel 440-967-3467

Christopher H. Gillcrist
InLand Seas Maritime Museum
480 Main St. Vermilion, Oh 44089 Tel 800-893-1485

Ohio’s Coastweeks Coordinators
One Maritime Plaza, Fourth Floor, Toledo, Ohio 43604
Tel 419-245-2514 

COASTWEEKS Water links to UN and Non-UN System sites:

United Nations


International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

UNDP and Water



UNICEF - Water, Environment and Sanitation

World Bank Group

World Health Organization

World Meteorological Organization



The additional resources links on this page are provided for information purposes only and do not necessarily represent an endorsement by COASTWEEKS.

American Water Resources Association

Global Water Partnership

Institute of Water and Environment

International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)

International Office for Water

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

International Water Association

International Water Management Institute

Programme Solidarité Eau

Stockholm International Water Institute

Universities Council on Water Resources

Water, Engineering and Development Centre

World Resources Institute

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

World Water Council

World's Water

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When you join the Farmgirl Sisterhood, you'll be able to participate in fun celebrations like our Farmgirl Jubilee.

The first annual Farmgirl Jubilee was celebrated in 2015, forever more to be held during the first weekend in May.  During our special weekend, together in person or online, we celebrate friendships and our connections to our ethnic roots.  It's when we honor our fatherland, our homes, families, and friends.  We celebrate by adding beautiful gardens to our backyards, by discovering the satisfaction of home-cooked meals made with healthy ingredients, by renewing our commitment to the simplifactions of our daily lives, by rediscovering outdoor spaces together with friends, and by meeting new friends who inspire us and help us stay the course in meaninful ways.



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Good Morning, Everyone!  Welcome to our Cleveland German Radio Show!  

Today we will be talking about MATTERS OF THE HEART!  

It was Monday morning and I was in bed waiting to start my day.  My puppy, Lexi, was tucked in my armpit sleeping.  She had been at my feet but she decided to cuddle with me.  It came at the right time, too.  I needed a minute to feel relaxed and a little joy in the moment.

With all the stressors and negativity, whether in our daily lives or our work situations,  I began to reflect on what really matters to my heart.  It's the little things that matter most like watching the birds eating by the bird feeder and watching the baby squirrel eat the nuts I lift out for him.

I get so worried about my to dos, I have to think of ways to "take a minute" and relax, and if I do, it could be good for my heart in more ways than one.

Mental health can positively or negatively impact your physical health.

Excercising regularly
Practicing relaxation techniques
Finding a stimulating hobby that can be fun and distract you from negative thoughts or worries like listening to the Cleveland German Radio Show

If you try to take some time and just do one or two of these a day, it will help you tremendously!

For me, I am looking foward to celebrating the rest of the winter with a new healthier perspective and finding ways to keep our Cleveland German Radio Show friends more happier by keeping our topics fun and exciting!

We have some hot topics today we hope you enjoy!

This is Ambassador Renate und....

Und David here -- surprise Surprise Today's Cleveland German Radio Show is 100% ethnic with absolutley no hip-hop/post-punk/new wave music at all.
We are featuring a 2-hour serving of German folk music that was neglected and nearly forgotten, or derided as old-fashioned and way to conservative. But now, arranged and interpreted in the style of modern folk music by your truly, the music emerges timeless and contemporary at the same....... Tune and hear what commercial radio doesn't sound like!!

When life around us freezes, covered in a white dress, the cold surrounds us, then winter has arrived. The animals move closer together and warm themselves. Blessed is the one who has a dense plumage.

Die 3 Spatzen, ein Gedicht von Christian Morgenstern

In einem leeren Haselstrauch,
da sitzen drei Spatzen, Bauch an Bauch.

Der Erich rechts und links der Franz
und mittendrin der freche Hans.

Sie haben die Augen zu, ganz zu,
und obendrüber, da schneit es, hu!

Sie rücken zusammen dicht an dicht.
So warm wie der Hans hat's niemand nicht.

Sie hör'n alle drei ihrer Herzlein Gepoch.
Und wenn sie nicht weg sind, so sitzen sie noch.

The cold climate in the Alps leads to a lot of hearty dishes and hot drinks.
Skiing in the mountains is a beloved winter activity for many people around the world, and part of the appeal is the opportunity to enjoy delicious, hearty meals in cozy ski resort chalets and dining rooms. Going all out on the slopes is the perfect excuse for going all-in on calorie-packed foods. From classic fondues and raclettes to savory soups and stews, alpine cuisine has a rich tradition of dishes that are perfect for warming up after a long day on the slopes.
Today is the Classic Swiss Fondue Recipe
When it comes to classic alpine cuisine, it doesn’t get much more iconic than fondue. This Swiss specialty is the perfect way to warm up after a long day on the slopes, and it’s also a lot of fun to eat. All you need is a pot of hot, melted cheese and some crusty bread for dipping, and you’re good to go. Just be careful not to drop your bread in the pot – that’s considered bad luck in Switzerland!

Tips: If you don’t have a fondue pot, you can use a heavy-bottomed saucepan or a Dutch oven. You can also substitute your own melting cheeses for the Swiss Fondue!  

So, try making your very own fondue.  Go to our Cleveland German Radio Show Facebook Page for the recipe!  Enjoy!


Hello and welcome to another post on untranslatable German words, where I bring you the quirkiest, funniest and most intelligent words that the German language has to offer – and ones that are difficult to find a direct translation for!

What does der Dreikäsehoch mean?
The word Dreikäsehoch is a word used to refer to a child – specifically, if one wants to indicate that a child hasn’t grown up yet. It is used in a teasing, derogatory way, often when a child tries to do something they’re too young for, and as a way of putting them in their place. It is most commonly used with boys.

The word Dreikäsehoch is made up of three smaller words:
Drei = Three
Käse = Cheese
Hoch = High

No, this isn’t a mistranslation! In German, you really can call a child a ‘three cheese high’!

The word Dreikäsehoch apparently cropped up for the first time in the 18th century, so it dates quite far back.
Although it sounds strange, there is quite a simplistic theory for the origin of this word. Cheese has been a delicacy since ancient Greek and Roman times. Because of its popularity throughout the ages, everybody knew what one ‘block’ of cheese looked like, and how big it was, so it was often used as a measure of things. Imagine three blocks of cheese piled on top of one another. That’s not very high, is it? What better way to put a child in their place than by reinforcing how small they are (only three cheeses tall!)?

How would you use der Dreikäsehoch in a sentence?
You simply use the word Dreikäsehoch in place of the word ‘Junge’ (boy) or the name of whoever you’re talking about:

Jetzt guck dir mal diese beiden Dreikäsehochs da drüben an!
Take a look at those ‘three cheese highs’ over there!

Alternatively, you can directly call the person you’re talking about a Dreikäsehoch:

Julian ist ein kleiner Dreikäsehoch, der überall mitreden will.
Julian is a little ‘three cheese high’ who always has to have his say on things.

What is the nearest English equivalent to der Dreikäsehoch?
Titch, little nipper and squirt are all equivalents, though maybe a little outdated – and let’s face it, none can match up to the brilliance that is a Dreikäsehoch – a three cheese high!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to John Schobel's grandson, Andreas, on his very special 19th Birthday. Andreas lives in North Carolina with his family. Loving birthday greetings come your way from your family, especially from your grandparents, John and Sophia.  And, of course, all your friends here in Cleveland and from the German Communities and clubs, especially from Sachsenheim, and from us here at the Cleveland German Radio Show we wish you the happiest birthday ever.  May your celebration bring you memories and wonderful thoughts to last you forever.  Now here is a special song for you, Andreas, Wenn der Himmel Weint, by Peter Mafa!  We hope you keep on celebrating the whole year!  Enjoy!

Our dear friend from Canada, Paul Weber, sent us a couple of CD's from a very special Canadian Band called, The Golden Keys.  Die Musik ist Etwas fuer Jeden! Sehr schoen!  We hope you enjoy some of the music from the Golden Keys.  Thank you Eric Offak for the wonderful CDs and a special Thank You to you, Paul, for sending them to us.  We always enjoy a variety of music!  
Altogether it is a great band aand we wish the Golden Keys continued success and hope we all will spend many more such fun filled events together.

We at the CLEVELAND GERMAN RADIO SHOW would to express our thanks for the many songs from the the Golden Keys that made us feel great! Thank you all!


Many hands make light working for Peace

No one of us is stronger than all of us.  That long-standing statement  perfectly descibes our dedicated German community members, and the impact of your support within our ranks cannot be overstated.  With the WCPM, It is felt throughout the cleveland community and is reflected in the benefits and care you've rightfully earned for the next generation to follow.  

A WCPM membership bolsters our political power in Washington.  That figure alone demands a seat at the decision-making table.  But as crucial as that milestone is, there is simply no relacement for members leaving in to influence their elected officials on key issues affecting a sustainable culture of peace for all the worlds children.

And that's never been easier than it is with the WCPM network.

Advocating and pushing your members of Congress to act on the WCPM critical policy goals can be done from the comfort of your own home and is as easy as a few clicks.  Last year, members and supporters sent out facebook and email alerts to Congress through the WCPM, urging members to enact meaningful and impactful legislation to improve the lives of all the Worlds Children - human, animal and plants.  That is a record high due solely to your devotion to your fellow compatriots.

Rest assured, that when those WCPM Peace messages reach political offices, they garner the attention of officials who set and decide programs, policies and projects.

That support comes at no cost to you, and its impact is invaluable.  We rely on our committed members and supporters to stay informed and active, and the WCPM is just one way of making your voice heard.

We also depend on our members to discuss, debate and approve organizational resolutions you hope to turn into federal law, regulations and policies of the WCPM. Those resolutions make up our legislative program, determine our critical policy goals for the years ahead and set the stage for building the National Coast-to-Coast Great American Peace Trail. The WCPM, in just a few weeks, members will have the opportunity to directly meet with and influence their elected officials and staff--sharing personal stories of service, dedication and activity.

Now more than ever, our grassroots efforts are needed to push Congress to address key issues impacting the lives of the men and women who served and their Community.  As we enter the new year, there are new opportunities for improving the lives of children, but we will need to work collectively to accomplish our goals.

As we move forward this year, remember the power of unity and the strength of many.  You can make a difference by joining the WCPM and encouraging friends, family and other supporters to do the same.  It's simple; find out how at our CLEVELAND GERMAN RADIO SHOW FACEBOOK PAGE.

This is Ambassador Renate und..........


Heute ist das Leben – das einzige Leben, dass euch sicher ist. Mache euch das Beste aus dem heutigen Tag. Interessiert euch für etwas. Schüttelt euch wach. Entwickelt euch ein Hobby. Lasst euch vom Wind der Begeisterung durchströmen. Lebe heute mit Begeisterung!

I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequenxces of every deed, word, and thought throuout our lifetime.



Giving Our Best

Every day that we are alive,
we should be asking ourselves whether we,
are we giving our best to each day,
This is something we may not all see.

See each day we are given is a gift,
and to waste it would be very wrong.
But our lives are just that,
ours to do with and hope our life's long.

But that's just it, our lives may not be long,
and come to an end before we are ready.
Don't be that person, who regrets,
live your life full and steady.

Close your eyes and go to sleep,
knowingyou've conquered your day
your life will be very successful,
and your'll be happy to look back when your're gray.
Wir geben unser Bestes

Jeden Tag, an dem wir leben,
wir sollten uns fragen, ob wir,
Geben wir jeden Tag unser Bestes,
Das ist etwas, was wir vielleicht nicht alle sehen.

Sehen Sie, jeder Tag, der uns geschenkt wird, ist ein Geschenk,
und es zu verschwenden wäre sehr falsch.
Aber unser Leben ist genau das,
Wir haben damit zu tun und hoffen, dass unser Leben lang ist.

Aber das ist es auch schon, unser Leben wird vielleicht nicht mehr lange dauern,
und zu Ende gehen, bevor wir bereit sind.
Sei nicht die Person, die es bereut,
Lebe dein Leben erfüllt und stabil.

Schließe deine Augen und geh schlafen,
zu wissen, dass du deinen Tag gemeistert hast
Dein Leben wird sehr erfolgreich sein,
und du wirst gerne zurückblicken, wenn du grau bist.


Buchteln are an Austrian specialty and the most famous ones are served in the "Cafe Hawelka in Vienna". The origin of the dish is the region of a former German part called “Bohemia” (Böhmen), but the recipes have found its way to Austria and Germany. In German they are called “Ofennudeln” which means translated “oven noodles”.

Austrian buchteln (pronounced BOOGH-teln) also called wuchteln go by many other names. They're called bookta in Czech, Roarnudeln in Bavaria, bootelgenie in Slovenian, bootel in Serbian and Croatian, and bookta in Hungarian. Regardless of what they're called, they're all essentially the same slightly sweet yeast rolls that are often filled with jam or poppy seed paste.

This recipe for buchteln features an apricot jam filling which is very common, particularly in Austria.

Marmelade is another common filling both in Austria and also other parts of Bavaria. It's a very specific type of plum jam, 
but it may be difficult to find in other parts of the world unless you make it yourself.  
Of course, you can always use your own homemade jam or even honey!  It's all good!

You can enjoy these stuffed sweet rolls for breakfast, dessert, or even as a snack. Honestly, they are delicious and enjoyable regardless of the time of day. They're fluffy and pillowy soft when still warm, but still fantastic once they cool to room temperature.  They are wonderful to make during a winter snowstorm or after skiing!  They will warm you up quickly!

You can see more on our Cleveland German Radio Show Facebook page!  Let us know how your Buchteln turned out!


Have you ever had a special thought in your mind thinking about how it would or would not happen?  Well, that is called a Kopfkino!

The fun German word ‘Kopfkino’ refers to mentally playing out an entire situation in your mind, as if you were watching it in a movie theater.
It’s well known that Germans can be rather literal. Yet when they refer to their Kopfkino, or ‘head cinema’, they’re referring to those mental images which imagine how events will unfold.

Our Kopfkinos are where all our hopes and fears create dramatic narratives for us to spectate, whether we want to or not.

Kopfkino scenarios may be fun and indulgent. You could watch in your head how your boyfriend finally proposes at a candlelit dinner with a bouquet of the reddest roses.  

But they can also be upsetting; you may envisage your impatient boss firing you because you’re late to work for the third time that week.

And unlike real-life films, Kopfkino movies are hard to switch off. It’s much harder to walk out of your mind than to walk out of an actual cinema.

SEE ALSO: These 9 German words perfectly sum up being in your 20s

Ein tolles Buch sollte das Kopfkino des Lesers anregen.
A great book should inspire the reader’s imagination.

Er fand sein Kopfkino sehr beunruhigend.
He found his mind’s eye very troubling.

Do you have a favorite word you'd like us to mention? If so, please let us know on our Cleveland German Radio Show Facebook Page.

David, I am sure you always have a lot of Kopfkinos playing out in your mind!  


15 more photographs that scream “Only in Switzerland!”

From fondue vending machines to flag tossing competitions, there are certain things that only exist in Switzerland.

While living abroad, I used to have nostalgic feelings for everything from roadside chicken vendors to neatly stacked fire wood. So over the years, I have collected many photographs that basically scream Only in Switzerland! Due to popular demand and just in time for Swiss National Day, I am sharing some more photographs that have "Switzerland" written all over them:

A typical Swiss home might look as charming as this building in Bergün   Or as NSA-headquarter-ish as this apartment near Zürich:

In order to gear up for winter, it is common in Switzerland to stack firewood in every nook and cranny see the swiss Way of Stacking Firewood
At least 6000 corporations call a PO box in Zug their headquarters  

Yet just down the street in Zug's old town, a rock wrapped in a wire holds down a resident's mail!

Speaking of rocks, I am always fascinated by the sheer precision with which they lay cobblestones:
the Cobblestone Plaza in Zürich, Switzerland
And speaking of precision, have you ever been to a flag tossing competition in Switzerland? They never drop it, no matter how high they hurl that flag in the air!

Another pastime of the Swiss is playing the alphorn.

 One time, I screamed "Only in Switzerland!" when I came across an alphorn while window shopping in Zürich!

Meanwhile, I got used to those 24/7 cheese fondue vending machines:

Everyone in Switzerland has a dishwasher at home with a fondue cleaning programs, no?
The Swiss white cross sometimes shows up in unusual places...
like on Garbage Containers

and in the middle of Zürich at the farmer's market!
Only in Switzerland!
Due to popular demand I am sharing some more photographs that have "Only in Switzerland!" written all over them see them on the CGRS FB PAGE
Need a fresh start to your morning? Jump-start your day with daily wisdom, inspiration, and prayer sent straight to your inbox! Sign up today!



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CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN, America's Newest Dance Craze from Cleveland
Something special happens whenever the music starts, some people sway back and forth, others bob their head in time with the beat. From the tiniest movement to the most bold, moving the body in a rhythmic way that expresses emotion, releases energy, or simply shows delight, is the definition of dance. From ballroom to polkas, dancing is also one of the most enjoyable ways of getting up, moving, and keeping fit. But for seniors from the German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian and many many more from Cleveland's ethnic community it has become a thing of the past....but not anymore!
The Benefits of CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN for Seniors is that when someone dances, art and sport intersect. Because it simultaneously combines physical, emotional, and cognitive stimulation, this accounts for the many benefits that dancing holds for older adults. CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN is a progressive dance form which uses the chair as the central point for the choreography. Now Seniors, even those in wheelchairs, who love to dance can create new and fun interesting movement opportunities into their lives. Senior CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN offers elderly people physical benefits which include improvement in balance, strength and gait, which will help reduce the risk of falls. As well as work their arm and leg muscles. As well as improving their balance it will also help improve their coordination. Ambassador Renate says "The CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN program is part of a broader strategy of bringing arts of various kinds into the care setting developed from the Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM). Possibly, with teachers and classes, this can be a developed Senior dance program as a model for other long-term care facilities across America and the World.
"Remember, you don't get too old to dance, You grow old because you stop dancing".
Chair exercising is not a new idea, but taking it to a new level is, I came up with the idea of CLEVELAND POLKA STUHLTANZEN by watching Liza Minelli's Mein Herr Cabaret - Group Chair Dance Performance at Millers (Zürich, Switzerland) April 2023. This performance that was part of the Can't Stop the Beat Musical Theater production from Close Encounters Theater group Zürich)
Ambassador Renate Jakupca


You are listening to WCSB Cleveland, 89.3 on your FM dial.
Guten Morgen meine Damen und Herren!  Wilkommen zum heutigen, Deutschen, Amerikanishen Radio Program, euer Heimatradio mit alte Heimatslieder und Volksmelodien.  We hope you have enjoyed our first half of our Program, and we would like to welcome you to our second half of our program with schlager hits and more news for your entertainment.  enjoy!



Worlds Children Peace Monument
Man of the Year Award 2023

The WCPM Man of the Year 2023 Award recognizes Dr. Abdul Jabbar Brohi for having demonstrated excellence in leading, motivating, and developing others within the sustainable Culture of Peace Sector of the WCPM, also for having had an impact on those around him and has motivated and developed others.
 Dr A.J. Brohi has demonstrated the following qualities:
LEADERSHIP:  Has demonstrated excellent leadership skills within the WCPM Peace Maker community and volunteer activities. Leading by his example.
IMPACT:  Has had a visible and tangible impact on fellow colleagues through his actions and activities.
DEVELOPING OTHERS:  Has been dedicated to mentoring within and outside of the WCPM,  provided support for rising professionals, and been actively engaged in career coaching.
PRESENCE:  Possesses visibility within his field, demonstrates high integrity in actions and words, and portrays an image of strength and confidence that inspires.
DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, EQUITY: Dr A. J. Brohi actively fosters a diverse and inclusive environment in all that he does.
Dr. Brohi's mission is deeply personal. He is a pioneer in his field making inspirational and motivational posters that benefits the World and its citizens. He has distinguished himself in professional fields including, but not limited to, education, health care, law, history, cultural advocacy and preservation, language preservation and revitalization, government, civic leadership, aviation and space, business, technology, journalism, banking and finance, children’s issues, social services, arts and entertainment.

This Official Certificate is proudly presented in Remembrance by the Worlds Children Peace  Monument Commission, this 12 Day of January 2024.